How to pick a WA lens?

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Re: How to pick a WA lens?

anotherMike wrote:

I was thinking the other day, as I was cleaning and looking at some older prints, that if I couldn't have the pretty high end collection of wide angles that I have, that I'd probably go with the cheap, light, plastic 18-35 F/3.5 - F/4.5G (the newer one). Wide angles are tough designs, zoom wides even more so, so this isn't going to knock the best from Zeiss off their perch, but it's a surprisingly competent very decent wide angle zoom that won't break the bank either. Useless for astro or things like that because it's slow, but I always liked this lens better than the 16-35/4, which I also owned for a while.


I agree very much ! But,  "useless for astro" is an over statement.  You can do a lot with it in night sky+landscape photography.

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