Lens to add for newborn photography?

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Re: Lens to add for newborn photography?

jaggedhorizon wrote:

We have a baby on the way for end October and I'm thinking whether I want to add anything to the lenses I already have.

This is mostly anecdotal, but my favourite newborn pictures, alone or in his mum's arms, were taken with my main lens at the time which was a Nikkor H-C 50mm f2 at full aperture. Then when my kids started to run, I got a Nikkor 135 f3.5 (could not afford the 2.8) and again, I like those pictures taken on chromes like no others. Later the 80-200 f2.8 ED replaced my other main lens: the Vivitar 70-210, with an AF camera, with great results but I had the muscles to hold it.

Today I mostly use the Canon EF 50mm f1.4 and the EF 135 f2.0 for kids photography playing in their environment. For pure portraiture, if they are calm and posing, I take sometimes the 85mm f1.2 out of the closet, but the f1.8 is a very nice lens too and much easier to focus, especially if you have two sets of eyes in the picture. But to get more specifically to your question, I find that 50mm gives a nice perspective to newborn close-ups.

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