Sticking problem with Canon 28-300 3.5-5.6L series

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Re: Sticking problem with Canon 28-300 3.5-5.6L series

Nigel -

The way that that lens works, there is no real "mechanism" as you speak of. Not sure of the internal bearing mechanism, but the external bearing...CAN, IN FACT...get sticky with use. The oils in your skin will, in fact, make the outer slider mechanism sticky after time.

I have an older 35-350 L lens with the same...mechanism. It was a little sticky out at about 50mm. I took some alcohol and wiped that whole section of the barrel. Loosened the lock, did a little exercising of the lens, wiped it again.

Sorry to discount your comments, but the stickiness in my lens...went away.

Your lens, but...can't hurt to give it a try..!


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