Best place to buy a used Nikon 500mm f/4

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Re: Best place to buy a used Nikon 500mm f/4

Yes the FL is better than the G and the G is better than the AF-S II, all minor image quality differences but between the AF-S II and FL, it’s pretty noticeable! So little by little there has become quite a difference over the last 15 years and those models. The 500mm F4E FL is finally on par with what the 400mm f2.8G VR was capable minus the bokeh/separation difference. So sharpness and contrast, of course the newest 400mm FL beats the 500mm FL, but not by much like they used to. All of the most recent FL lenses are superb, with the 400mm and 800mm being the standout best of the best. I’d put the 600mm and 500mm in a tie now for sharpness, but the 600mm produces the most separation of any of the super-tele lenses which is an advantage!

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