Any current iPhone users care to give recent experience w/ iTunes for Windows?

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Re: Works fine for me, with once exception

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

All of my purchased music ... has all been confirmed DRM-free. I will not be purchasing any additional music via Apple.

I share your skepticism of DRM downloads. Stuff I really care about I buy on CD or Blu Ray; I figure there will always be some way for me to access it. Otherwise, you're reliant on an Internet connection and some server thinking that you have rights to play what you paid for--and sometimes getting it wrong, or at least obnoxious. That story a couple of years ago about the loss of stuff from an iTunes library when its owner moved from Australia to Canada or whatever should have been more of a wakeup call.

Thanks for the overall feedback on iTunes for Windows.

You're probably already aware of this, but Apple removed the DRM from pretty much all of the download-purchased music several years ago. I believe it was up to the record labels to actually do this but Apple pushed them hard and I believe was more or less successful. There's a column you can add to iTunes which will telly you whether any of your tracks still have DRM.

I recently underwent a project where I wanted to re-rip my CDs into lossless FLAC format, acquire some new music in “hires” formats from 7Digital or HDtracks, and move everything over to a Fiio digital audio player (DAP). That was my motivation for going through my iTunes library to see if anything had DRM. In my case I found there were only three tracks in my whole library that still had the DRM. I had no qualms about ripping those from YouTube. Everything else was essentially able to just be dragged over to the DAP and work fine. Well...the player does end up listing/sorting a few things differently than iOS/iTunes but that’s a minor quibble to me.

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