FYI Mint 20 has been released

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Cinnamon Installed

Mint 20 Cinnamon installed to the dedicated Linux SSD within my system without issue and doesn't seem to have touched anything Windows-related on the other drives and partitions.

Asrock Z270 board with Z270 chipset
Single 27" 1440p display at native resolution and no scaling

The live environment from the USB installer did have my USB external hard drive mounted which I didn't notice at first. It gave me pause because the installer popped up an FYI notice that /dev/sde had mounted partitions and asked if I wanted the installer to try and unmount them. I just quit the installer, figured out what was up, and then restarted installation after unmounting the USB hard drive myself.

First round of updates ran fine including a 5.4 kernel bump. Switching from Nouveau to the NVIDIA driver was also fine. I did that after rebooting from the initial kernel update.

On an amusing note, I'm happy to see the Update Manager no longer constantly displays the "Do you want to switch to a local mirror?" message.

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