Advice Sought: How do you self-critique which photos to process after shoots?

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Mark_A wrote:

tko wrote:

I rate all my photos and put them in subfolders (from best to discard.) Then I go into the best folder and put the best of them in a new folder (best of best.) From there, I select which photos to post process, which goes in another (best, best of best, edited.)

None of this happens quickly, which in a way is good. Distance gives use objectivity. Still haven't process the 6000 photos from my December China trip. Might end up with 20 or so I really like.

Sorry but to me that sounds anything but simple!


If you have a simpler way to sort through 6000 photos from a month long vacation to find the top few dozen please share!

Remember, it's the first step--reviewing all 6000--that takes the longest, but going through the photos one by one is something everyone has to do. Comparing the best to to best goes maybe 10 times faster and reviewing the results, even faster.

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