19mm PC what?

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Re: Why? Because Camera Movements Are Useful For Solving Optical and Creative Conundrums
  1. lightandaprayer wrote:

Back in my film days circa 1995 I used a Fuji GX680 . It is a 6x8cm medium-format camera with rise/fall, tilt, shift and swing movements. A digital back with a 7648 x 5408 resolution Fuji CCD sensor was introduced in 2004. The camera system was discontinued in 2010.

The GX680 was my introduction to Fuji cameras. It is an excellent example of ingenious engineering. The camera is fun to use and produces great images. It didn't seem to be a commonly-used system among pros and yet it is useful for a wide variety of subjects. The relatively compact system was great for location shoots that required travel. Believe it or not, it can be used with a neck strap. But I would recommend investing in a gym membership if you plan on doing much hand-held work with the camera. . .

Those Sinar 4x5 cameras are beautiful and Gawd they were expensive. But well worth the cost if you produced a lot of work that required a 4x5 image.

I’d have loved that camera back in the day. And I do recognize the value of PC lenses. The “why” in the subject line did not refer to why buy a perspective control lens, in general. It was why buy one if you don’t know what it’s for. I was hoping the OP could shed more specifics on what prompted him to buy it, perhaps giving others better insights on how to assist him.


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