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When I do a left click on the address block of Firefox, I get a list of frequently visited websites that makes it really easy to go to them without having to go into Bookmarks.

Out of curiosity, what version of Firefox are you running? With version 77 when I single left-click in the URL bar all it does it highlight the text that's already present there. It's not until I start typing something that Firefox presents me with a list of "suggestions" below the URL bar.

Prior to 77 there was a small downward-facing caret character on the right of the URL bar which you could click on to bring up the frequent/recent sites list below the URL bar without having to type anything. For some reason Mozilla decided it was a good idea to remove this feature much to my dismay and that of many others from what I've seen.

I get the Left-Click list in Firefox 77.0.1 (64-bit) in Windows 10 (2004). Maybe you have to enable it?

My FF has kept the left-click dropdown from the address bar all the way through my updates to 77.0.1.

Hmmm... The major address bar overhaul Mozilla did with version 75 did not sit well with me. Hard to believe that wasn't even three months ago. Regardless, upon seeing those v75 changes I implemented the items shown below in my about:config. It therefore seems likely that one of them may be the cause why I only get highlighted text when I click in the URL bar.

* browser.urlbar.openViewOnFocus = false
* browser.urlbar.update1 = false
* browser.urlbar.update1.interventions = false
* browser.urlbar.update1. searchTips = false

Even if I'm correct, that kind of sits even worse with me. They make significant changes to the address bar with v75. They give users about:config options to avoid them. Then a version later in 76, people who did implement those about:config options have the only remaining mouse control to access the address bar's recent sites list removed (the down caret). Way to give your user base a UX middle finger Mozilla!

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