Will HDR Kill Flash?

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I'm just assembling an off-camera flash setup (L bracket and bounce) for my DSLR and loving the results, but its size and heft make me feel like Weegee with a Speed Graphic.

Don't cell phones approach the problem of an unevenly lit scene with many dark regions by using HDR? I can't imagine how else you'd approach general photography with only a pea-dinker LED flash.

You've heard of the ever-improving "portrait modes" on iPhones, I presume? They simulate, albeit imperfectly, various studio lighting setups and grow more popular by the day.

Smartphone users do care about lighting, just not for the size and weight of dinosaur flashes.

If anyone wonders why some of us complain about smartphone defenders it's comments like this.

The ensemble of features phones have on offer, not just damn-good HDR tone mapping, could well kill flash as we know it.

Apparently everything you photograph is stationary. HDR will not kill flashes because true HDR uses multiple images and if the subject is moving rapidly it doesn't work.

If anyone wonders why some of us complain about smartphone detractors, it's comments like this...that are a step behind the times.

People have been shooting true HDR tonemapped shots of fast moving subjects with their Pixel 4 smartphones for months now. Its smart HDR splices together multiple frames, compensating for movement. A few examples here (among scores others on the Internet) of a guy on a mountainbike mid-way down the page.

Of course, those of us in the know have for years been utilizing a cruder version of this algorithm in such programs as Photomatix, selectively masking out areas of motion in an exposure bracketing series.

Finally, let's demolish the nonsensical "true HDR" strawman. Most people couldn't care less that their great-looking tonemapped image was derived from true HDR or not. That's why we have RAW double-processing and dual ISO "HDR" video used to such great effect (with, for instance, things like Canon's Magic Lantern).

Don't like it? Too bad!

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