Poll: Will you buy m4/3 lenses?

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Re: Poll: Will you buy m4/3 lenses?

indra wrote:

Thin_Ice wrote:


I am a use the lens that is on the camera guy. I’ve got that covered with the voigtlander 17.5. I rarely use my 12 f2 or 45 f1.8.

My e420 double lens kit is only used for occasional shoots of garden birds. But even then i have more fun with a camera trap or video in a tripod.

The 3 photography styles i think mft is worth staying for are UWA, macro and birding.

I jumped in for a compact system for travel & adventure. Gopro, iphone and drones are taking over there. I am staying in for the voigtlander and have a new em1-ii for that lens only.

I think most people here are just collecting gear. For a hobby photographer i think it is more fun to find a niche that they really like to do and optimise their gear for that kind of photography.

you probably need only one or 2 lenses and won’t have to post silly questions about what gear to take on vacation, redundant bodies to cover all ranges.๐Ÿ˜€


The first sentence I don't really quite get what you're saying, but you got that covered with something + voigt 17.5. Then for garden birds you got that covered with e420. For travelling you use compact system.

Then you're saying most people here are collecting gear? Priceless

Do you even know from each person why they have multiple gear, or multi platform even, or how they're using them?

God forbid if a person has multiple cars, watches, houses etc. I'd say why would you care what other people do with their money?

sorry, english is not my native language...

I have no problem at all with gear collectors. I am just saying that more gear won’t I necessarily improve your photography.
the E420 is > 12 years old, gathering dust.  It is just my first digital slr camera.  Learned a lot using it.  Most important lesson was that you need good dedicated lenses, depending on your photography style.

i managed to shoot this with a 17.5 mm MF and had more fun doing this than with a tele. But if birding is your hobby, you wil need a decent long tele.

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