playing the Devil's advocate here ... what if Sony had not pushed industry to mirrorless ? ??

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yes it is

You don't get to choose the topic or limit the discussion. Bad boy

By definition, the company that introduced a new product has more to do with the acceptance of the product that any other following company. I mean, if the early adopters hadn't been there, there would be zero acceptance. If Sony did anything, it was to go FF, something that for obvious reasons M34rds resisted.

It is somewhat ironic, especially after predicted the demise of the dSLR for so long) that M43rds may crease to exist or become a niche product. You can blame Sony for that. If Sony loses interest of jumps out of the market, something they've been really good at in the past, it could leave Canon as the dominant player.

sybersitizen wrote:

tko wrote:

What did Sony have to do with the introduction of mirrorless?

it's not about the introduction of mirrorless. We covered that already. I quote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Mike - wrote:

The Original Poster didn't say that Sony was the first. Just that they "hammered" the mirrorless idea to us.

That's the way I see it too. Other manufacturers didn't push particularly hard at all, but Sony made it a company imperative.

If you happen not to agree with that, no problem. I don't mind.

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