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Mark B UK wrote:

I currently use Olympus m43 gear and was planning an upgrade from E-M2 to mk3 before this week's news, which has made me revisit thoughts about going FF. With that in mind I would appreciate answers from Sony FE users about a few things:

1. How dust-prone is the A7R mkIV sensor? And how viable is it to clean the sensor at home?

2. How good is the 24-105 Sony zoom compared with (for example) the Olympus 12-100?

3. I notice some primes have aperture rings and others don't. The 20mm 1.8, which I'd like, does. Can it be disabled, or must it be used if it's there? Is there a good quality, weathersealed 35 or 50mm prime that has an aperture ring?

4. How big are the files (typical 14-bit uncompressed RAW)?

I have the EM1 MKii and the A7Riv along with the 12-100 and 24-105.

1. Yes, you will get more dust than you do with Olympus. My A7Rii was worse than the iv but the iv is still not as good as the Olympus. As others have said, you will need to keep a rocket blower with you which takes care of most dust particles.

2. The 24-105 is excellent and I would say as good as the 12-100. The dual stabilization of Sony is no where near that of Olympus. When I am using the Sony combination, I have to remind my self to either bump the ISO or shutter speed compared to what I am used to on Olympus. It’s not a big deal, you just have to change your thinking a little bit. Keep in mind the 12-100 is a 24-200 focal length when comparing to the 24-105. But, with the A7Riv you have cropping mode which gets you pretty close to the long end of the 12-100 and that is with 26mp so it is still very croppable. 
Size wise, the two combinations are very close but the Sony combination is noticeably heavier.

I bought a used A7Rii a couple of years ago to give Sony a try. I liked it enough that I upgraded to the A7Riv but I am contemplating upgrading my OMD MKii to the iii for the ND filter and Starry AF. I still enjoy MFT for the size and weight. I absolutely love the compact PL 100-400. My typical carry for Olympus is the PL 8-18, 12-100, and if I think I want the extra reach, then the 100-400.

I love the A7Riv for the extra MP’s. The ability to crop is insane, the detail is incredible and the ability to crop in body is very nice. I have the C1 button programmed for crop mode, I use that quite a bit.

Another thing I like about Sony is when using manual native lenses, such as Loxia and Voigtlander, they have electrical contacts so you get EXIF and you can see your aperture setting while turning the aperture ring. Plus it will automatically go to focus peaking and will magnify the image to get critical focus. I would highly recommend Voigtlander or Loxia primes if you go the Sony route.

Keep in mind the Sony system is going to cost more than MFT. Both the bodies and lenses are more expensive, generally larger and heavier. I like having both systems and I really am not sure which I would pick if I could only have one because both offer different pluses and minuses. Olympus features such as IBIS + Sync IS, Live Composite, in body de-fish, HHHR, ND, and Starry AF are all features I like to use and are valuable to me. Sony offers incredible image quality and some incredibly good lenses, the 100-400 GM and the 24 GM are outstanding. Tamron is making some very nice and affordable glass and so does Sigma. If the Sigma 24-70mm had been out before the 24-105, I may have bought that instead. I still may 😁 Voigtlander is also on a roll but they also make very nice lenses for MFT, the 10.5 is one of my favorites for Olympus.

I would say give Sony a try, but don’t sell your Olympus stuff, they compliment each other nicely.

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