How many images can I take with my current 6dII setup?

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Re: How many images can I take with my current 6dII setup?

Andy01 wrote:

ADW02 wrote:

Okay, I'm not good at math. I tried figuring out how many RAW images from my 6DII my memory cards could hold, and how many images my laptop and external drive could store. I think I was way off in trying to figure it out, so I thought it would be best to get accurate information here. Of course, some of you who are kind enough to reply will show me the math required, and it might even take, but if anyone will give straight-up answers I'd appreciate it.

For memory cards I have one 128GB card, two 64GB cards and two 32GB cards, for a total of 320GB worth of cards to use with the 6DII. How many RAW images can I take with that setup?

On average my 6D ii RAW files are about 33Mb each, so you should get about 3950 shots on the 128Gb, about 1975 shots on each 64Gb and about 980 shots on each 32Gb - totalling around 9,500 - 10,000 shots.

Secondly, on a week-long photo trip I can take my laptop and a 4TB external drive. How many images can be downloaded onto the external drive?

If 320Gb holds 9,500 shots, the 4Tb should hold close to 6 times that, so around 57,000 shots. That should be enough for a week - over 8,000 shots per day (1,000 shots per hour ?)

I'd like to thank everyone who can help me with the math. I'm not so good at figuring these things out, so I'll be deeply appreciative if anyone would answer my questions.


Absolutely enough memory  I think    Some new camera bodies are needed. One shutter will not last... , video need space but not so much

Anyway, I probably could shoot 1000-2000 shots  during a one week trip.  More  if there is something that needs bursts with 12fps speed.   After serious deleting and deleting again. .... great if there are 100 decent images from a one weeks trip. Probably 10-12 that are so good that I might even print some of them.

I think I have some 1,5T of discspace used for photos from the last 15 years.  Many trips...

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