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Bob Tullis wrote:

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Bob Tullis wrote:

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Bob Tullis wrote:

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Jeepers Bob, all those bodies. Keep seeing people with many cameras, some dozens. How do you know which one to take out and what can the H1 do, say, that the XT4 can't. Genuinely curious, as I tend to swap out when a new one comes along that has more advantages

The X-H1 died. The XT2 now mostly sits on the 100-400 for local wildlife. Over-winter the X-P2 was used for macro time lapses - I used to like that for street before the XH1/IBIS arrived, but I no longer live in an urban area. The X100F is a companion to whatever the current One might be, as a 2nd body for travel (or for when I go out without photography in mind). The X-T4 is now The One. I've got a used X-E3 coming in a week or so, for B&W infrared.

Sometimes I'll be out at night, one camera doing a WA time-lapse, the other 'just' long exposure stacking compositions. You know, something to do while sitting and waiting during those hours on end. Maybe even a third camera doing a different time-lapse composition, concurrently. I'll often start one time-lapse, and soon into it see another TL composition I should have considered. Why not do both?

Very interesting Bob. So instead of deciding which one to take out, you're putting them all to work.

Not all the time, but I give them each some due. [g]

It's probably says more about my feeble mind that I like one camera and get to know it really well, it's idiosyncrasies and speed of operation. If I had 5/6 bodies and worse, more than one system, I'd be missing shots, fiddling with menus and controls

I'm pretty feeble in that regard myself. I don't bemoan missing a shot at this point in the journey (I'm missing countless ones while I type, for that matter [g]). But I do bond with a camera in a manner that makes makes it most enjoyable when operating on an intuitive level. I've switched brands 4 times in 20 years. Each time I wanted to enjoy the new and old for all the reasons one might, but once I didn't use the prior system as much it was annoying to initially fumble with the older system when I did turn to it.

Still, I understand. I'm also annoyed a bit that I can't configure each body as I can the XT4. I only want/need two cameras, I should sell the others at this point to get a 2nd XT4 - but I'm also rather lazy in certain respects. Acquiring is much easier than divesting (well, it was before I recently retired [g]). I may do that eventually. But this brings me back to being indulgent, and maybe a bit of a prat. No regrets and no apologies, but not necessarily proud of it either.

Well said We're all idiosyncratic Bob. I have the money to buy an XT4 but feel the need to sell the XT3 first and then buy it. Why? I've no idea.

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