The next M43 sensor needs to be Video Focus for M43 to survive.

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Re: The next M43 sensor needs to be Video Focus for M43 to survive.

AdrianTWQ wrote:

Well, with Olym being sold, we are left with Panny, who has one foot in FF via L-Mount, and for their M43 offerings, they are heavily Video Focus. The other minor players in M43 are mainly Video Cam makers, like Black Magic and Z-Cam. And Black Magic uses a 19:10 Sensor instead of the common 4:3 one that Olym and Panny uses.

The 4:3 Aspect Ratio, which gives M43 it's name is a great format. but it's mostly good for still, which explains why MF uses 4:3 as well. But from the past few years, what we can see is M43 is losing the battle in Still Photography, but still have a stand in Video

So, Panny should talk with JIP and the Video Cam makers, on the next M43 sensors. Since if everyone uses a common sensor, the sensor will be cheaper for everyone. And the 4:3 aspect ratio sadly, should be changed to optimized for video, which a small sensor can have an advantage. So here are my suggestions.

1: Use a Stacked BIS Sensor with DTI for better IQ, a Stacked Sensor can integrate RAM into the sensor to increase readout speed, which makes it good for video.

2: Change the Aspect Ratio of the sensor. Either go 16:9, 6144x3456, which would be around 18.5x10.4mm, based on the M43 image circle, or go 10:7 in order to do Multi Aspect Ratio, with a 18.5x13mm 6144x4300 sensor, that can do 6K in 16:9 Mode and 24.7Mp in 4:3 Mode. Or do a Cine x Still sensor instead, a 19x13mm, 4096x2800 sensor, which will be 4096 × 2160 in Cine 4K mode; 3734x2800, 10.5Mpx in 4:3 Mode; as for 16:9 around 3968x2232 for stills, and the standard 3840×2160 when taking video with EIS on.

I'm not interested in video, but as a stills shooter I often use the existing 16:9 mode that is available.

If M43 does this, it will open up the Mount to Camcorders and Action Cams, which might let it raise in popularity, just that it would refocus into the Video Market. Since it's not winning in the Still Photography Market, might as well go all video, right?

You can already buy Black magic video only camera bodies based on the 4/3 sensor.

Personally think either 18.5x10.4mm 6144x3456 makes the most sense, followed by 19x13mm 4096x2800.

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