d800 shutter count?

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Re: d800 shutter count?

Sorry, I must have turned off notifications.

Here is what I am looking at right now. I currently shoot a D300 for reference and still occasionally also use my D40.

Choices are:

D700 with less than 3K or less than 8k actuations (two different bodies; testing for banding later tonight when I am going to take a dark scene with lights), cost of about $569ish (same price for each). Practically new, although the one with less than 3K seems super snappy and has nothing at all that I can find wrong with it.

D800 with 156K actuations, cost about $639.

Same vendor, 6 month warranty.

Torn here. So far my D700 I am super happy with the indoor files, I love the look of the bokeh and they seem really beautiful colors. However some files appear less sharp or have a certain 'fuzziness' to the noise or a haziness to the images. Landscapes/outdoor seem a bit dull BUT still lovely colors. Not sure why this is.

D800, indoor files, about the same indoor look to the 700, a bit more sharp of course due to pixels. Files are slow and can only fit about 45 on a card which is annoying. However I have seen the outdoor files in particular seem to have great color and DR. Body quite a bit more beat up though everything seems functional.

Either of these has shown me I am going to have to work a bit harder on an FX sensor to nail exposures, focus, etc than I do currently--so I will be working on my technique!!

Difference in price between these bodies is not significant. I do seem drawn to the 800 although I like the colors in the 700 so much.

I can post a link to my shutterstock port later on when I have a bit more time for reference for they style of things I shoot.

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