KamLan 50mm F1.1 Mark I : Is it really so bad?

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Tom Schum
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KamLan 50mm F1.1 Mark I vs Mark II

Here are the comparison images.

I found a willing subject (me). That was the easy part.

After quite a few shots I got these images. Focus is on the eyes, and you can see the outside parts of the eyebrows are in focus or nearly so. Also the tip of the nose is out of focus, as is the upper lip. So I think I got pretty close to the same focus for both shots.

Raw developed in Iridient X-Transformer v1.6.6, then opened in Photoshop Elements 2020 using the bundled Camera Raw v12.0. I did no processing except adjust brightness so both images are about the same brightness. Differences in white balance are random and not corrected. No other attempt was made to improve the appearance of these images. They are not sharpened in Photoshop Elements 2020.

After saving JPGs, I ran them through JPEG Mini for optimization. Original JPG file sizes are 3 to 4 times larger than these. Same number of pixels, same visual appearance etc., just shorter waits for download.

KamLan 50mm F1.1 x-mount Mark II lens at F1.1. 2.6mb download.

KamLan 50mm F1.1 x-mount Mark I (original) lens at F1.1. 3.4mb download.

Comments welcome!

PS here is how the two lenses compare in size:

Mark I on left, Mark II on right.

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