Will Fujifilm be next?

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Re: No - Fuji have four big advantages

Thanks Jerry.  I might do it.  I'm seriously considering it.  If I do it, it will have to be with the agreement that I never respond as the OP to any further post on that thread.  It would be too easy to get sucked into a response exchange.

I think I will write the Mods of those Boards and ask permission.  It is very important that they know I'm not trolling.

I am very familiar with those Boards and enjoy reading them.  I can tell you that there is fierce brand loyalty there and being in love with your own brand and defending it is not considered bad form like it is here.  So there is potential blowback on those Boards and there will be accusations of trolling (which gives me pause).

I'm thinking about it.

But today and tomorrow I'm "focused" (ha ha - get it?) on Fuji Focus Bracketing.

I am setting up a chess board right now to see how many shots it takes with the GF 50mm at two feet to travel through the chess board.  I plan on shooting 200 shots at Step 3.  These lessons apply to the XT-4 also, so maybe you focus stackers can follow it as I and the top scientists on the MF Board delve into the unknow mysteries of Fuji Focus Bracketing and the steps.  How does the Fuji algorithm know to stop the travel of the focus plane?  How far does it push through and why?  No one knows.  But I am going to find out.

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