Will Fujifilm be next?

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Re: No - Fuji have four big advantages

Greg7579 wrote:

But I am going to ask the Moderators and DPR staff if I can post the following message on the Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Leica and Sony Boards. If they give me permission, I am going to post this on those 5 Boards. Here is an example of the Canon post. I can clean it up a little, but something like this:

Greetings. I am Greg Johnson from the Fuji and Medium Format Boards. I admire Canon and shot it for decades. I switched to Fuji mirrorless years ago from Canon FF DSLRs but have followed Canon's move to mirrorless. I am excited about and looking forward to the Canon R5. Pulling for Canon in these difficult times. We need all the current surviving players to be healthy in this camera industry and move forward from here. On the Fuji Board, someone referenced Olympus and asked "Is Fuji Next?" It was interesting and resulted in a lot of discussion. The same could be asked of all the big makers. So, as a guest to this Board who reads it a lot but never posts here, and as a long-time DPR poster with a decade of non-trolling participation, may I ask this: Considering the recent Olympus news, is Canon next?"

Sure, contact the Mods and see what they think.  I think a lot of this is being discussed over there already (admittedly I'm guessing) and whether someone who isn't an active user or owner of that brand would be seen as simply trolling is open for question.  Regardless, I'd leave the bolded part out as it's rather subjective and open to discussion, and frankly, not really relevant to your question.  (and  no, let's please not debate that here)

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