Will Fujifilm be next?

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Re: Will Fujifilm be next?

It is just a tool wrote:

AllFlawed wrote:

At least the Fuji forum should be spared this nonsense.

If it happens it happens and until it does this sort of talk undermines confidence and no amount of idle chat will change things except for the worse.

m43 was trying to service two companies and now is down to one like most other mount systems and rumours of its death are somewhat exaggerated. What tomorrow holds who knows and is best left until tomorrow.

Down to one? Olympus imaging will be sold, not dismantled. Just another owner and who knows what will become of it.

Safe to assume that it has gone and be grateful if it hasn't. This new company seems highly geared with not a lot of capital to speak of. Olympus warranties were very generous and servicing them could be the ruin of a company in themselves. Will this company really repair my EM10 II for free over the next 5 years which is my special warranty and these are the sort of promises Olympus have been doling out. My other stuff is 2.5 years standard and I doubt if they have laid off these liabilities or firewalled them in any way. Would you buy them in when potential liabilities are such a substantial chunk of capital.

Interesting the transformation how one day you have a great deal giving some sort of security for 5 years and the next day you were just another sucker for that irresistible deal. I always though it was a bit fanciful so not really too hard hit by it. Possibly long warranties are a sign of distress in shifting the stuff.

MFT has many manufacturers besides Olympus and Panasonic. It's an open mount.

Not much sign of anything but Olympus and Panasonic in the the forum. Other makers are around but not much in digital still cameras which ostensibly these still are. Yi may still make competent cheap little m43 cameras but no IBIS which is what keeps m43 unique at entry level.

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