Will Fujifilm be next?

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Re: Will Fujifilm be next?

Well anything is possible.  The numbers from Fuji’s imaging division aren’t great, and the prospects for the whole industry don’t seem too positive either.  Fuji’s business is much bigger than just imaging, but that doesn’t mean they’re likely to sink money into the photographic business without expecting a return.  An aggressive investor or two could force Fuji’s hand.

That said, any comparison with Olympus has to look at the bigger picture.  Oly’s photographic peak was arguably back in the seventies/early eighties, when Mantani was designing classics like the OM and XA series.. they lost their way during the transition to autofocus and were similarly left behind in the early days of digital.  M43 pulled things back for a while, but as a photographic business they’ve been looking pretty sickly for a long time.  Really, this is the final chapter of that story, not a parallel for Fuji.

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