Will Fujifilm be next?

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Re: Yes, of course.

Maxxum Fan wrote:

mike lix wrote:

One by one they will all shut their camera businesses until we end up with no new cameras at all.

I say 3 makers will be left. I'm not sure how well or not X Mount is doing

All I know is I go out, I see a lot of people taking pics with phones, and not many if any camera users out there. Cost of good phone isn't cheap, but lot cheaper than buying into an expensive ILC system

Future isn't looking good

Not need expensive phone, cheap mid-range smartphone like Huawei P30 / iPhone SE 2020 (which cost around USD 400-500) enough to take family/travel photo. Not much different with high-end smartphone in normal use.

IMO if required better IQ, better go to entry level APS-C instead of high-end smartphone.

Some mid-range phone also has high-end smartphone speed/processor.

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