What did you shoot or post-process? (June 20 - June 26)

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Re: What did you shoot or post-process? (June 20 - June 26)

I have one Nikon (D800) and one Pentax left ........ with a foot in both camps and leaning towards Nikon unless the other crowd pull out a blinder with their new cam.

My D800 has been a little mixed for me, the menus are a struggle compared to Pentax but the auto focus is streets ahead. All in all it's been positive and I need to move to one brand for my sanity and menu knowledge retention sake.......

When I got my D800, it came with a four lamp lastolite studio set up, an older 27-70 Sigma f2.8 non OIS and the 50mm F1.8 plastic fantastic.

Wanting to play with my lighting, I put the 50mm on and very happy to test things out with my enduring better half and our dog thrown in for good measure.

Just one lamp used higher to the right but I just love how the D800 just seems to lock onto eyes ...... it's just so reliable ...... although I did stop it down a bit, the red focus square always seemed to be bang on ...... you have no idea how satisfying it is coming from Pentax and it cracks me up when people on this forum bag these now older bodies ... the new ones must be insanely good.

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