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Re: Working with new 500mm PF

Chris Mak wrote:

81258606 wrote:

I use the latest 500mm f/4 with the TC1.4 III. I’d say it is 10% better than the PF but heavier of course.


10% is not a lot, taking into account that the 500F4E will set you back 11000,-

I will be sure to rent one first. It should do much better with the 1.4TC at 700mm f5.6 though than the f8 500PF+1.4TC (more than 10%), the laws of physics practically dictate that. From using f4 and f5.6 lenses with a 1.4TC, I have found that f4 lenses have better AF with a 1.4TC, have better "clarity", better micro-contrast and better color rendering. I would be disappointed if the 500mmf4E would not be at the level of eg. the Canon 400mmF4DOII that I used before I changed to Nikon. But it is possible I guess.

I own the 500 PF and 500 f4E and used to own a 500 f/4 afs-ii. The PF is an excellent lens, but when it comes to shooting with a TC, I consider the 500E to be in a different league, especially in less than ideal light. With a TC-14E iii, AF speed of the 500E barely slows; it’s sharp at 700mm @f/5.6; and Af focus points aren’t limited like with the 500 PF and TC @f/8. I also get better results for distance shooting with the 500E, and can shoot at lower ISOs for better feather detail.

I’m close in age to the OP, and like him, I typically shoot handheld with the 500 f/4. Despite the weight, the 500E and TC14 is my preferred combination for most bird photography.

When I shoot with the 500 PF, I generally find it more enjoyable to use without a TC. It’s capable of excellent results with a TC, but I often find the AF struggles at f/8 to be cumbersome, particularly in tricky light and lower contrast scenes.


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