Which to buy an, Em1-Mk2 or Mk3 ?

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Re: Me too

Messier Object wrote:

Barty L wrote:

...but I didn't tell the staff at Ted's 'cos they'd probably have preferred money that hadn't been in my mouth, given the choice.

But seriously, I just took my 2 E-M1 Mk1 bodies into town and traded them on a new Mk II. So now I have a new pair of those. With luck that should do me for the next half-a-dozen years or so.

I have only one E-M1 II (bought new Dec 2016) and one lens - the 12-100mm.

My main m.43 requirement is a solid PDAF camera to use with my 150mm F2 and 300mm F2.8

My Mk II has seen a lot of use in heat, cold, dust, salty and rough conditions. It took one drop (inside a holster bag with 12-60mm attached) to the ground from a safari vehicle in Africa. The only things it has wrong with it is the peeling grip rubber and a jiggly card door. I often carry it 1-handed with my 300/2.8 attached. It’s a tough little camera

I’d love for it to be still going strong in 10 years, but it could die tomorrow, or worse a year from now when a replacement might be very hard to find and be of unknown condition.

My E-5 is looking and working as well as the day it was bought 10 years ago, but going back to 12Mpix, rudimentary IBIS and 11 focus points as my primary 4/3 sensor camera is not an attractive option

The X doesn’t interest me because of the permanent battery grip and missing grip-strap base lug, and I didn’t see the III as a worthy upgrade to the II, so until this week I wasn’t planning on doing anything except to keep enjoying my Mk II.

But ‘stuff’ happens, whether you are ready for it or not.

after weighing up the options and seeing the current price we bought the Mk III from our local store today.

Busy copying confígs from the Mk II to the III tonight and learning what’s new.

The Mk II will remain my workhorse with the 300mm F2.8, and I’ll keep the Mk III for light duty with the 12-100mm and for Astro shooting where the Starry Sky feature will be a godsend.


Hi Peter what sort of deal did you get and who with?

I too wasn't planning on a new camera but news about Oly has got me thinking along same lines.


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