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Re: Vacation week nr 2 in Sweden.

Yes, week nr 2 is here now for me in Sweden. WE have as you may probably know quite an open standard when it comes to the quarantine. And while moving around too much is frowned upon by people and government, the people limits and  not being able to go by car for a longer distance makes you having to come up with things to do nearby to make the most of this years vacation for everyone.

Im at home with my 2 kids and the weather has been fantastic by Swedish standards, quite ironic actually when you think of it. Midsummers Eve which is a big celebration here is by standards always rainy, this year it was full of cloudless skies. And that has been the new standard for the days after that. But that also makes  this vacation so far for quite a nice time to try and forget the madness going on in the world right now.

So, this is now: All taken with the D4/Df and lenes ranging from 24 f1,4 the 58 f1,4 or the 105 f1,4

A field of "Raps" in a bird  Reserve not too long from where i live.

Same Reserve, this is as much "outback" as we get here in Stockholm.

Me and my daughter went to a nearby hollowed Old oak on our bikes to get some summer pictures and these following embodies what the summer has been like here recently.

The sun Julius playing Hide and Seek in our yard back home with sister Yasmine. Counting...1, 2, 3( and that is as far as he can count so on 3 he goes!)

Julius trying to hide behind his bicycle cart.

Peeking through a chair in our yard seeing me without being too chocked.

Maybe not chocked, but the look is hard to discern...a little love with wonderment about how father can be behind the chair but also over it!

Eating his sisters ice cream is not out of the ordinary.

This will conclude this week

Have a great summer from us here in a hot Sweden.


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