He rose from the ashes...

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Re: He rose from the ashes...

tasad wrote:

Six months ago he was banned for using multiple accounts :




... but recently he created at least 4 new accounts and plays his stupid game again.

He entered this challenge :


... with these 4 accounts :





Pictures in all 4 accounts were taken with the same cameras/lenses with the exactly same camera's body serial number and same lens serial number .

This is the entry from the RalfsFotografieren account :

This is the entry from the GriffensGallery account :

This is the entry from the LouieE account :

This is the entry from the CooperCamera account :

The same equipment with the same serial numbers were used in the banned accounts

I don't understand why someone goes to the trouble of creating multiple accounts, especially after previously being banned for the same thing. What pleasure would anyone get from it?

Some people must lead really sad unfulfilling lives......

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