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Caramel0 wrote:

Hello Kubicide

Sure I did a test with other SD Cards and other PC to examine the video clips. Today I got an answer from Panasonic support, telling me this is normal to have the 500ms audio missing at beginning of each clip, to "suppress camera noise, eg. rec button". I really cannot belive this answer. So I try to convince Panasonic, that my model has some recording flaw.

On my OneDrive, I have 5 original clips done with a fixed camara. I have recorded 2 sec, wait 1 sec and record again .. Then I joined the clips. (Ausgabe.mp4). If you play the joined videoclip, you hear the 4 "joints" as small audio pauses. The video has no frame lost during the pauses.!Aj6i4w0Ez_1hjc4yzYZTiBawoHj8Dw?e=cmgtX7


Well, I d/l a couple of separate clips and don't see (or hear) any audio delay. You're saying you see half a second of missing audio. That's a long time! I don't see anything here on 2x different PCs.

What settings are you using in-camera?

Like I and others have said we do not see any missing audio in our G9 recordings. None. My GH5 is also perfect. And I use a number of different settings.

Also post the make and model SD cards - still suspect these are the problem.

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