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Kodachrome 25: Lightroom preset I created

Henry Richardson wrote:

Buried deep inside an unrelated thread I posted some stuff about Kodachrome, but some people may be interested in it so I will post it here.

I found this 2017 PEN-F recipe for shooting jpegs that look more like Kodachrome (see the 2nd post):


Note, that the recipe is using the color adjustments that the PEN-F has. With the PEN-F you can adjust saturation for many colors, but you can't adjust hue or lightness. But Lightroom allows adjustment of saturation of many colors, hue, and lightness -- it seems that with some work a Lightroom preset that made those color adjustments, set the white balance close to Kodachrome, had a curve set, etc. could get pretty close. A profile would be better, but more work to create.

If you use the PEN-F settings in the post above then remember that Kodachrome was daylight balanced so to sort of approximate it you should always shoot using the daylight white balance preset -- it probably isn't exactly the same as Kodachrome, but closer than using Auto WB or some other preset. You might want to adjust contrast also or even better adjust using the highlight/midtone/shadow curve tool to get closer to Kodachrome. I haven't tried this yet, but just for kicks I might give it a whirl.

I found this cool table of PEN-F settings to sort of simulate Kodachrome 25, Kodachrome 64, and some other films (it includes the settings from the thread above for Kodachrome 25):


I set my PEN-F using those settings and put them in a custom setting. I shot a few raw+jpeg shots of various subjects and then imported them into Lightroom. Using the PEN-F settings as a guide I started playing around with the Lightroom settings for white balance, curves, and colors to see if I could get the raw to look very similar to the jpeg. I am not anal retentive so I didn't try to duplicate them exactly. And, remember, the PEN-F settings are not identical to Kodachrome 25 either. The only way to truly get the Kodachrome 25 look is to shoot Kodachrome 25 film. Here are Lightroom screenshots to see the settings I used. I tried these on some of my old PEN-F, E-M10II, E-M10, E-M5, G3, Canon G15, Canon S95, Sony A700, and Sony A100 raw files and it did okay for all of them. Individual shots can be further tweaked, of course.

By the way, I don't actually care all that much about trying to duplicate the Kodachrome 25 look. For nostalgia's sake and just because I had some free time I decided to look into it. It is sort of fun to just with one click on my Kodachrome 25 preset to see sort of what it would look like though. Of course, after using it a bit more tweaking of Lightroom controls can be done.

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