KamLan 50mm F1.1 Mark I : Is it really so bad?

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Re: KamLan 50mm F1.1 Mark I: Key application is wide open IMO

Rightsaidfred wrote:

Il Mostro wrote:

Not bad at all, but I think a lot of people like to shoot this (and similar) lens wide open in order to use its inherent "flaws" to create unique images -- similar to the way the Helios lenses are used.

Hi Tom

Much appreciated, many thanks. You know I own the Mark II, and your previous comments were actually one of the reasons that triggered my decision. Thanks again. I am super happy with the Mark II, I don't consider it clinical at all, it is still a character lens IMO.

But, back to the topic. I am thinking in the same direction as Il Mostro. People don't buy these lenses to shoot at f/5.6. People buy them for playing with super fast aperture! So, would be nice if you could post one or two direct comparison scenes of the Mark I and II at f/1.1

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Good idea!  I'll work on it, will post the images in this thread in a few days.

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