Replacement for the dreaded Mercury batteries

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The camera's mechanical. It only needs a battery to operate a near-useless meter. Built-in meters suck. Get a good incident meter and forget the camera batteries.

Given that it’s so easy to fix why bother buying and carrying an external meter and dialling in the setting each time?

Using sunny-16 is of course a different thing, that would avoid having to carry anything, but not always so good.

Because, as said, built-in meters suck.

Opinion with no evidence

A reflected meter only works accurately when you get lucky.

Define accuracy

An incident meter works all the time.

Not if the batteries are flat

Aha! My old 1960 vintage incident light meter (Sekonic-Brockway I think is the name) has no battery, it still works and seems pretty accurate. It's a selenium cell but of course not much good in extremely low light.

Of course now with digital there's no use at all any more for an external meter unless using a more modern flash meter to set up a multiple flash outfit.

As for slide film days and meters, amongst my friends in 1960-1962 era there were a few cameras (before inbuilt meters) so they had hand-held ones - and the ones who had the most exposure failures were the ones with reflected light meters.

I had much more success with my incident light meter, rarely a problem.

One friend who did a lot of cheap or free travel as he worked for an airline, always got good results wherever he carried his camera.

Q: "What meter do you use?" A: "The cardboard one".

Yes, he used the advice printed on the inside of the film cardboard box and always got it right.

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