Oh No Olympus: Backing a Loser Again?

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Re: Oh No Olympus: Backing a Loser Again?

I’m 73. I have an em1 mkii and all the lenses I need with the exception of a long tele. If there’s a fire sale I’ll pick up a mkiii and add the 100-400 oly if it comes out or panny if it doesn't, and I’ll be set for the rest of my natural life. Image quality of the 20 mpx sensor is great, and the lenses will last a looong time.

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Bob B
In use: Olympus OMD E-M1 mkii; OMD EM-1 mki; mZuiko12~100; Panasonic 45-175 PZ; Pan/Leica 25mm f1.4; zuiko 9~18; m.zuiko 75-300; Rokinon 7.5 fisheye; Zuiko 50mm macro and EC14; Zuiko 50~200 ED, fl36, old e-510.
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