Sony A5 or A6 FF camera

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The rumour is made-up nonsense

S_Connor wrote:

Hi, it seems there will be a new camera announcement from Sony soon.

Let's be clear, this is all based on rumors from:

However it is likely that Sony responds to cheap FF offerings from competing camera manufacturers like Canon Eos RP.

Sony A5 would be a FF camera without EVF and small grip. A6 would be an A6x00 style camera with grip and viewfinder.

Both would need modern sensors and better AF than older A7 style bodies. And ofcourse better SOOC jpeg images and better RAW files.

What can make this new camera less expensive than current A7 series?
- only 21MP or 26MP sensor (no BSI)
- no EVF for A5
- older type battery or smaller battery
- no control wheels
- 1 cardslot
- no Wi-fi/GPS
- limited remote operations (USB/wi-fi)
- smaller buffer
- no metal lensmount
- cheaper kitlens 24-70/4-6,3 OSS retractable (Tamron design)
- no weathersealing
- 4K video crop
- no Multi-Interface shoe only built-in flash
- less buttons, better touch-interface
- ISO 200-51200
- no IBIS
- max 1/4000 shutter
- no mic/headphone/S-log/no clear HDMI-out and so on (consumer oriented)

The site you mention has absolutely no clue on products that Sony is bringing out.

It exists to make money for its owner through advertising and the huge visitor numbers. The owner even deletes posts by Sony users and encourages trolling to get the comments up.

There is no A5 coming. The next Sony cameras will be the A7IV, and a specific video-oriented e-mount video camera, like the BM pocket cam.

Remember the five year delay waiting for the A700 successor? It never came. We got the A77 SLT instead. In the same way there will be no A7sIII. Why would it take Sony five years to add 4K 60 to an A7 body, something they could do in an instant? The A7s series was conceived as a low-light stills camera. The A7III is better than the A7sII in both stills and video except at the very highest ISOs. There is not going to be an A7sIII and Sony has never said they were working on it.

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