Will Fujifilm be next?

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Jerry-astro wrote:

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Greg7579 wrote:

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Why buy new gear?

You guys are killing me.

Reality bites dude..


It's not reality... it's simply your opinion... dude. The data can be read and analyzed any number of ways. The market is maturing, and particularly in the current economy, people are thinking twice about expensive (and discretionary) purchases. There also seems to be this mindset among some that most photographers are simply waiting for FF bodies to drop in cost and and crop format cameras/sensors will be abandoned wholesale as that happens. It's my opinion crop will always have a cost advantage simply due to size and the higher cost of a larger sensor (even if there is and will be some convergence in FF vs. crop pricing). What's more, in spite of the opinions voiced here by some, I think the size and -- even if moderate -- price advantage of crop format cameras will still appeal to many photographers. Count me as one of them. FF offers me little in the way of an advantage, and I suspect I'm not alone in having little desire to abandon crop sensor based cameras and move to FF.

It's not an opinion it's statistical facts. That's just shipments sales clearly are lower

I like Fuji but thing is all these makers are suffering big time. It was pretty bad before Covid, that just hammered things down harder. Shame yeah but makers gotta grasp things and start pricing realistic.

X mount has nice glass, but lotta folks are using legacy 35mm lenses, some are tat some are good, cost is very low. XT4 is priced too high IMO nice cam no question they did the things they needed too

For those who are left I'd say more would lean FF for a similar price v crop. Shave $400 off the XT4 gets a lot more interesting

I'd say Fuji make more profits off Instax then they do digital gear sales

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