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Re: Leaking batteries problem, Duracell

JahnG wrote:

Gato Amarillo wrote:

As already mentioned, check the battery manufacturer's warranty. They may replace your gear.

But this is odd. It has been many years since I've had a battery leak or a corrosion problem, and if cases like yours were common we'd see them all over these forums. The batteries in my TV and stereo remotes go for years without problems. As do the batteries in my emergency LED flashlights. Using Duracell or Energizer, whichever was cheaper when I bought.

I use rechargeable in my flashes, but the batteries in the triggers are probably 2 years old and still going. And probably due for a change. I'll put that on my shopping list for tomorrow.

Bottom line is I don't get it -- I don't seen anything you're doing wrong. Possibly if you bought a large quantity at one time you somehow got a defective batch. I'll be watching to see if anyone has ideas.


I've been a Duracell user, believing in the Duracell quality, until last year. In the autumn I noticed that several Duracell PLUS POWER, AAA Alkali batteries had leaked inside different remote controls, flashlights, clocks, even several non used batteries I had at home. All the batteries were marked best before 04-2023 !!!, even the (leaking) non used batteries.

I contacted the Finnish Duracell importer, (also sending a picture), and they kindly replaced the leaking batteries, but they refused to comment anything whatsoever upon the leakage, even when I asked them.

After searching in the net concerning Duracell quality during the latest years, I decided to start using Varta. (I have previously used Energizer Alkaline batteries, that we then used at our company, without any leakages, as far as I recall)

I have a Mini Maglite with Duracell batteries that are welded inside, because they have leaked. I've tried every trick to release them but It's now an expensive bin liner.

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