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Rambow wrote:

Leonard Migliore wrote:

But you're indicating damage overnight. I've never seen that happen to any battery-operated devices. I think it takes a couple of weeks after the battery fails for the corrosive goo to get around.

Either OP is using the worst expired batteries ever made, or he is exaggerating. He probably does both. As proof, he doesn't even mention what brand of batteries he's using. Pretty sure he doesn't use energizer ultimate lithium batteries, which are the best non rechargeables and also guaranteed not to leak.

An expired battery or a very, very cheap battery might leak when placed powering up a high power flash unit. Just to make everything clear, your average low current AA cell is designed to power up a weak flashlight or a remote, not a 200w flash unit or rc motor. For these you need high current batteries.

Never use cheap or expired batteries. Avoid old batteries, check the date of manufacture. Even quality batteries like duracell leak, but usually this happens when they are already expired.

Some brands of batteries don't seem to leak as often, like cheap regular toshiba batteries. Sony cells seem to be ok too, including their button cells.

But just to make sure nothing happens and i get my money's worth, i buy recheargeable batteries. Sanyo Eneloop or Sony. They are very good and cheap. They last for years, never seen one leak.

Modern slow discharge nimh batteries can power any device, from a remote to a speedy rc car. They recharge in a matter of hours. They can do hundreds of recharge cycles. They are so much netter now than say 20 years ago.

For me, typical AA and AAA cell batteries are dead. Old technology, used in the past. There are exceptions, like the ultimate lithium. But, why exactly would you use those instead of a eneloop? They are expensive.

Survival situations, maybe. But i use rechargeables even while camping.

I find Duracells are one of the worst culprits when it comes to leaking.

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