Between 300mm f4, 70-200mm f2.8 and 80-400mm which one would you choose and why?

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Re: Now - primarily the 80-400 G

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

The 80-400 has a reputation for being prone to collecting dust.

80-400 G 6 years internal dust

While not the end of the world - there is at least double the amount of dust than in any of my other Nikon lenses after a few years use.

What Nikon UK calls the lens collar (where the hood bayonets on) is very thin compared most other of the Nikon bayonet collar lenses I own - and can break.

Thin lens collar is easily broken in a minor impact.

I do not know when it happened - but it has happened.

The only other Nikon lens that does not have about 4 mm more more plastic behind the collar (usually including the Nikon gold ring) seems to be the 200-500.

The 80-400 G is close to the price of the 70-200 FL in the UYK.

The 300 PF can have "interesting flare" when the sun is near the edge of the frame.

Which combination you choose is personal choice - part influenced by your view on 5x zoom convenience v a single lens and converter.

Thank you - all good info.

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