Will Fujifilm be next?

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Olympus reveals plans to ditch its camera business

Absolutely NOTHING is safe in this world. Our health, our life, our jobs, and definitely no business is, so I find it really interesting how some spit out the world “no” so fast. But hey maybe they know the future.

One thing I will say is this, it is not going to be easy on Fuji because the FF mirrorless war is just beginning and new and used FF bodies are going to flood everywhere at the same or below prices as APS-C.

Im being very honest with you, I’m (not sure) if I’ll ever again spend another $1899 for an APS-C camera and I’m actually keeping my eye on certain others brands, but they are FF. That’s the truth.

So, you seems to be assuming that there are huge numbers of people out there dying to get their hands on a FF camera, but are waiting for them to become more affordable? Maybe, but I doubt it. The niche that crop cameras occupy offers more than a cost advantage. There is also a size advantage, which for many, way outweighs the one stop or so IQ advantage that FF offers. I’m not one of those sitting on the sidelines waiting with bated breath for a FF body to drop to some arbitrary price point. It’s simply of no interest to me, now or in the future.

I think you’re projecting your own needs and biases on the broader market, and cost is only one factor to be considered here. What’s more, the high end of the APS-C market will inevitably overlap the lower end of the FF market. That’s been happening for ages. Both are attractive to photographers for various reasons and I see both formats thriving and occupying their own niches in the market for some time to come. There will continue to be higher end crop bodies that overlap lower end FF bodies in cost. This is true of every market there is. If you compare like for like, you will continue to see price differences and segmentation.

Your interests and biases here are (and have been) clear. Just don’t assume that they apply to the broader base of photographers out there. I’m certainly seeing no evidence that crop cameras are a dying breed, by any means.

I kinda with him on this one. I use different systems, crop and FF. Gotta say place for each, thing is tho I do find the crop Fuji's a bit much in price. XT4 is just too high IMO for what it is XT3 pretty nice deals on that, but no IBIS

I wouldn't put down cash on the XT4 at it's selling price now. Erm I think it's a bit more than what you say. The problem is there isn't huge numbers of dudes dying to get their hands on cameras in general, be it FF or crop.

I could go online now and buy a D610 for way less than an XT4, sure it's old but loads of glass out there for cheap. I mean if MILC is gonna appeal it has to be more affordable IMO. You can get FF cheap enough, so much gear out there used too. Why buy new gear?

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