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linux99 wrote:

Maybe it is just me, but I have been really surprised and disappointed by the community reaction to Olympus Cameras entering into a new stage in their journey.

The level of glee, triumphalism and schadenfreude has been very revealing about the "dpreview community" - check out the comments below the news article on the main page if you dont believe me.

Very few people seem to realize that less competition is bad for us all - whatever brand of camera we happen o have in our bag right now. Less incentive to innovate, less competition over prices and simply less choice.

It really makes me wonder how many people here are really interested in photography and how many are just here wanting to wave their digital manhood on the internet.

A sad performance by a non community.

To be honest, as Marty4650 put it in the Open forum, this thinning of the herd was long overdue.

Think of all the other garbage brands left by history's wayside--Contax, Minolta, Afga, Kodak, Rollie, and so on. In time, Olympus will join their ranks.

Nobody will remember it in a few decades. Don't take it personally.

There are other brands that have been cruising for a bruising, so to speak.  They, too, will get their due in short order. I expect that in 10 years, we'll have significantly fewer viable camera companies than we do today.

The prospective buyer would do well to choose a system wisely!

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