Do I really need vibration reduction?

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Re: Do I really need vibration reduction?

Just a thought here from an owner of the 500mm F4 AF-S II - You might check the shutter speeds that you're frequently using for wildlife and use that to determine how necessary VR is.  As someone stated before me - AF speed and accuracy generally takes priority over VR for me, and either of the pre-VR 500mm F4s are VERY quick.  
I spend alot of time in the woods on either end of the day (dawn/dusk) photographing owls with a shutter speed ranging anywhere from 1/20th-4 seconds.  At these speeds off a tripod, VR is completely useless to me.  On the flip side - I also like to shoot dynamic images with some type of action, in which case my shutter speed is around 1/640th at minimum, again negating the need for VR.   
I found my copy of the AF-S ii for $3600 locally in mint condition with no AF-squeak to speak of.   I think the only real thing you might miss here is the potential that parts could be scarce, but I'd be surprised if the AF-motor isn't the same one as the 500mm F4G lens.   
On TCs - I currently primarily shoot with the 1.4 II and 1.7 II and have had good results with both.   The 1.4 ii can be shot wide open, but generally performs better stopped down 1/3.   The much maligned 1.7 II is also alot better than most would have you think, the trick is to stop it down 2/3rds of a stop to shoot it at f8. might say that F8 is too slow to shoot anything...Which yes, it is sometimes, but it's also super valuable to have an 840mm lens when I need it.   Tracks well in good light too as long as you're using a D4 or later body.

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