So, if you think Olympus is dead, where to now?

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Re: So, if you think Olympus is dead, where to now?

Wigelii wrote:

AOC wrote:

If I were someone looking outside m4/3, I'd take a look at Canon's slated R-lens releases.

After announcing the R bodies some time ago, Canon initially made some fast heavy R glass. It appears that now it is turning its attention to the light, slower stuff.

With 600 f/11 and 800 f/11 superteles planned for release later this year, I could see people who might otherwise have gone the m4/3 route for lightness and portability, giving Canon's FF R bodies a long, hard look.

Have you seen Canon prices for their professional stuff? They are very very expensive.

And the non professional cameras and lenses are not the pro quality of Olympus, they can't take a beating like Olympus gear, are not weather resistant.

I don't know if the Canon stuff is that bad, but to be practical, I suppose beggars can't be choosers. Olympus could be the first of many. Canon seems safest to me.

I know I wouldn't invest in a system that I felt had no future. Then again, the walking dead state isn't so bad. If Olympus ends up like Pentax, it won't be the end of the world.

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