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Groot wrote:

markyboy81 wrote:

Thread limit reached on the previous thread but thenoilif managed to sneak in this final post in the nick of time;

"In the last couple of years we've seen smart cameras equal low light images of that of a current gen 42 MP FF ILC camera.

In terms of light, I would argue that with the help of CP , phones gather even more light than a FF camera.

Someone (I think it was photofactor) also showed that Pixel smartphone auto WB indoors was superior to that of his "real camera" (an Olympus I believe--is it any coincidence they've pretty much bit the dust?).

I've seen the phones do better tonemapping in broad daylight too.

The most current smart cameras are able to produce shallow depth of field images equivalent of that of a F1.4 lens FF lens."

Not sure about that. I get VERY shallow DOF with my phone ,but only close distance. Maybe closer to a 2.8-ish?

The computational bokeh gets better and better each passing day.

It's why the 1" sensor cameras are an endangered species.

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