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Re: $156 million vs $150 million

Pollos wrote:

Doug Janis wrote:

In Japan apparently most external sales staff (non-Japanese) have been let go. This started months ago. Most of the software, design, and optical engineers have left or are moving to the medical imaging. Overseas assembly plants are being quietly shopped for real estate value alone. The glazing kilns are shutting down for consumer imaging. The company is preparing to only sell from inventory. New products are technically on hold until Olympus figures out how much to pay JIP to take these losses off their hands. Olympus Visionaries in some countries have already been told they must stick to NDAs and there is no marketing budget nor equipment available.

What is the source of this news?

Came here to ask this. I can validate a couple of OP's statements, but I'm curious how you know about them selling overseas assembly plants, shutting down the glazing kiln, putting new products on hold, etc. Share publicly if you can, if not, you can email me and I'll keep it private.

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