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Re: Switching from Olympus to Nikon Z

mwhyte wrote:

New here...It looks like my beloved Olympus brand is nearing the end. After today's announcement I don't have much hope that the brand will survive long term.

I use both m4/3 and Nikon z for the last year+. I have a EM5 mki+ii bodies, pro zoom 7-14, 12-40, 40-150, 12-100, and 6 or so small primes by Panasonic + Olympus. I have a Z6, 14-30, 24-70 f4, 24-70 f2.8, 50 f1.8. I've used m4/3 pretty much since the beginning. My wife uses my old mki EM5 and usually the primes, and I use the mkii and zooms for travel and hiking. Looking to upgrade someday to EM1 mkiii.

I always had my eye on the Nikon Z system...I tried the Nikon Z cameras in a camera store a while back and I loved the look and feel of the cameras (which is actually more important to me than image quality)...So I think after 2020 I will be selling my m43 system and moving over to Nikon Z...

I have a few questions about Nikons....new here so I apologize if this has all been asked before...

1. How is the Nikon Z camera and lens weather sealing. Olympus weather sealing is top notch and I have taken my cameras out in the rain and snow with no worries...Is Nikon weather sealing good?

I find the weather sealing to be great, so far. There's great tear down videos on lens rentals for the Nikon lenses and bodies, and they do a great thorough job.

2. How is the IBIS...Olympus IBIS is stupid good, I can easily shoot for multiple seconds handheld...but even if Nikon is still good...since it is full-frame I can boost the ISO way more than in m43 so even "Ok" IBIS would be fine for me...

Nikon is okay. I noticed it's not as good, Olympus is far better. Nikon isn't a slouch, but it doesn't feel as refined.

3. My favourite Oly lens was the 12-100 (24-200 FF EQV)...It is very sharp...How is the Nikon 24-200...I think it was just released...so perhaps too early here..

I too am interested in that lens, for the same reasons. The 12-100 with dual image stabilization and sharpness is lens magic. The Nikon isn't a "s" lens, but the quality of the lenses they've released so far have been stellar.

4. Is there anyway to shoot in DX crop mode and save a smaller JPEG but still save a full-size full sensor RAW file...This may seem strange...but sometimes I want a quick digital punch in done in camera but I still want the full size RAW just in case for later...Weird question I guess...In Olympus land this was digital TC mode...which can save a full size RAW but also do an in-camera crop in for the JPG...Far from a deal breaker....but could not get answer on the inter webs...

Heh I don't know, if have to check later when the camera is on me. For the Nikon people: this made it convenient for fast jpegs you didn't have to fiddle much with, but have the full raw to pay around with later.

5. Are you happy with the Z system and its lens roadmap?

Just want add I would be interested in the Z7...If I go FF I might as well get all the resolution that FF can provide...Sorry for all the questions...

Yes. This is my 3rd full frame, and it had most of the bells and whistles I wanted. The main thing I wanted was similar robust weather sealing like the Olympus has. Had a Canon DSLR to play around with their long history of SLR lenses, and a Sony A7 that I really didn't like, at the time it felt like an electronics co playing camera maker and lots of things were odd with it, they've come a long way since but the Olympus was my "serious camera."

There's a few gaps in the road map, or at least a year or two from releasing something I'm waiting for. Otherwise I've been happy so far. My original plan was use the Z for primes, Olympus for travel with Zooms, but I was thoroughly impressed by nikon's zooms and the excellent changes they've done with the quality of their products modernization. I chomped on the bit and got the 24-70 f2.8, and was blown away by all aspects of it (wish it had less heft to it) and had me rethink possibly replacing the same ranges I had with Olympus, but Tamron's new weather sealed mirrorles lenses that will be (probably) coming out have pretty much ensured that I'll go that route. The f4 zooms really are great though.

I though have no plans to stop using the Olympus gear I have or sell it (maybe get used EM1 mkii someday), those pro zooms are fantastic, and I've never had to send them in, built like tanks. For international travel, bad weather I will continue to use the Olympus lenses until they die, I've taken those lenses to the wilderness, overseas and 15,000 miles of road trips, it's not like they stop working once the company goes under (or whatever happens to them). Now that I'm getting... Older... The Olympus has been easy to lug around with me, the Nikon primes and compact zooms are really what changed my tune. I don't think I'm going to lug the 24-70 f2.8 around much in the wilderness in a pack (hell, I might though!), But light weight compact S primes and zooms, totally can. If I can keep the lens lengths and weight ratio similar from Nikon to Olympus, with similar sealing and performance, I'll be happy, and I think that I can.

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