Sony A7III + Godox X1T - S Not Firing Remote Flash

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Re: Sony A7III + Godox X1T - S Not Firing Remote Flash

If the flash mounted on the camera doesn’t fire, you should sort that out first. I’m not familiar with the 600S flash but I had a similar issue with the Godox 685S. After 5 minutes I discovered the flash was not completely mounted in the camera shoe. It was tight but needed a further sharp push to close the contacts.

As for the X1 transmitter and slave mode, I suggest you read and follow Godox’s instructions carefully. Initially it seems complicated, but once you have it sorted out and understand the basics it becomes much easier. When it is correctly set up, Channels and Groups should match between transmitter and flash The flash window should have a red/brown illumination, 'SLAVE' should appear, there should be a radio beacon icon in the top LH corner and a red light should keep flashing at the front. If the red light doesn’t flash, set-up is wrong and the flash won’t function.

Above all, the camera must be set with Silent Shooting off and the flash setting set to Fill-flash. In case you are unaware, in Sony parlance Wireless Flash (WL) relates to control by infra-red, not radio.

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