If the Imaging side of the business was so important to the whole company

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jwilliams wrote:

Canon5DSmith wrote:

why did Olympus sell it?
This was one of the main reasons people kept saying Oly would never do it.
What changed?

That was always always a load of dung put forth by the Oly faithful hoping the inevitable would not happen. What ever little tech the camera division had that the other businesses need can surely be gotten on the open market. Maybe part of the deal was that they retain whatever parts of the imaging division (at least intellectual property rights etc.) that were valuable to them.

In reality the camera division contributed very little to their other business lines. Just a story made up by those wanting to deny reality.

What I don't understand is that Olympus has been saying this also, so it was not only those with an interest to hold that view.

It is hard to reconcile what has happened with what was being said from both the fans and the message from Olympus.

I guess the question remains, how could those parties be so wrong?

Personally I never trusted any company but this is a new low for mistrust in corporations. I do not hold any breath that Olympus will continue its commitment to MFT.

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