The 16-80 f4 opinions and my first thoughts

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Re: The 16-80 f4 opinions and my first thoughts

bill jones wrote:

So I just bought the 16-80 after some reviews on youtube that suggest it is one of "the best zoom lenses ever made "

Where did you get that impression  it is a great travel zoom lens  but as with every 5x zoom  a couple of compromises  have to be made.

My first thoughts:

So far I have only had a chance to shoot in dark environments so can not really determine sharpness yet. Although it looks a little softer than the 16-55

Although I never shot the 16-55mm I would certainly expect it to be sharper. It costs more, has a smaller focal range, still is bigger and does not have OIS. If it is only a little sharper when you start pixel peeping why do you even care?

I use auto focus on video. Was disappointed when you change focal length , the focus goes in and out almost like a defect? This was described in the DP review I thought it had been fixed with firmware? I guess not. I'm using 1.04

i doubt this can be fixed in firmware updates as it has to do with the way the lens focuses. But still, weren’t you watching Youtube videos on the lens? It is a widely known issue.

Do you think the telescoping zoom results in a lot of dust on the sensor?

it is a dust and weather resistant design. So that should not be a problem.

The OIS on the lens is excellent although I have the XT4 so some of the excellence may be in body contribution.

I use it on a X-T2. The stabilizer is stellar. But with the X-T4 you have Ibis so may be you do not need it as much as I do with my X-T2.

I also own the 50-140 2.8 which feels like a much higher quality lens as far a smoothness of zoom and focus. The aperture ring on the 16-80 seems to turn too easy?

The 50-140 costs twice as much and is a red badge lens. Yes, it is of a higher quality. In my opinion the 16-80 is still of a great built quality. Just compare it to Nikons 16-80 which is even pricier and does not feel nearly as good imo.

Just wanted to see what others think. I am on the fence wether or not to keep it.

You will have to know if you want to use it and where it fits into your photography. I travel a lot (may be not right now) and for me it is a perfect zoom to combine with a prime when I want to travel light.

I do like its compact size and lightness.

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