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With a Canon FD lens, metering is down with the lens diaphragm at its widest opening. This is called "full-aperture metering"

Stopped Down Metering

With a Canon FL lens, the TS 35mm lens or any other non-FD lens, full-aperture metering is not possible. The lens must actually be closed (stopped down) to the shooting aperture for metering. This is called "stopped-down metering". In stopped-down metering, the lens diaphragm will open or close as you turn the aperture ring.

  1. Push the stop-down lever towards the lens until it locks
  2. Make sure the shutter speed selector dial is NOT on PROGRAM
  3. While pressing the shutter button, turn the aperture ring until the stopped-down metering and 5.6 appear. Correct exposure cannot be obtained with any other display.
  4. Press the shutter button all the way down for exposure.
  • Stopped-down metering is not possible when the shutter speed selector dial is set to "PROGRAM"
  • You can also press the exposure preview switch and turn the shutter speed selector dial until the stopped-down metering index and 5.6 appear
  • Once the lens is stopped down, you can check depth of field visually simply by inspecting the subject through the viewfinder
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