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Re: Grabbed the x2 Oly tele converter

All TCs do is magnify the image.  There is the same amount of light on the target with a cropped image and the TC image when both are used from the same distance.  If you can get closer (1/2 the distance), so the target is the same size for the lens image and the MC20 image, the lens image without the MC20 will always be much better.

Why is a TC better than cropping?  It spreads the same image over the whole sensor, so you have more pixels with less light per pixel vs the same amount of light on fewer pixels.  If your camera had an infinite number of pixels the crop would be as good or better than the TC image.

However, you have a limited number of pixels.  How does this affect sharpness of the image?  As a quick. rough indication of the difference in sharpness with a change in number of sensor pixels you can compare the sharpness of the same lens on DXO.

For example the 75mm f1.8 on the 12 MP EP3 has a P-Mpix score of 9, vs a score of 15 on the 20MP E-M1.2.  There are no 5MP mFTs cameras, but the difference would be considerably greater than the above with a 2X TC.

It is actually fairly easy to see if the MC20 is better with your specific lens than cropping the same image.  Photograph a very detailed target with the lens, then photograph it with the MC20 at two stops higher ISO from the same distance.  Crop the lens image to the middle 5MP and downsize the MC20 image to the same pixel dimensions and compare the images.

The attached is for the MC20 with the 300mm f4, the downsized MC20 image on the left and it has better resolution and far better color on the 300mm f4.  This may or may not be true for the 40-150.

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